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Opt for Troll-Caught California King Salmon!

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    Buy California King Salmon fresh off the boat

    This delectable fish is in season between May and October, every year.
  • Support California's Economy by Buying Local

    "Consumers should ask for California King Salmon, which is fresher, because they are caught locally off California's coastline."
    David Yarger, California Salmon Council
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    Better taste. Better nutrition.

California King Salmon® is native to the natural environment of the Pacific Ocean where it swims freely. Individual line-caught King Salmon has a leaner, firmer texture and more robust flavor than other salmon.

Active restocking programs have made California King Salmon® a renewable resource so future generations will be able to enjoy this delicious seafood for many years to come.

What the Council Does

Salmon Tidbits

  1. California is the leading producer of troll-caught king (chinook) salmon along the Pacific Coast.
  2. Chinook salmon are called "kings" because they are regarded as the most prized, as well as the largest of the five species of Pacific salmon.
  3. King Salmon is available in the following forms: fillets, steaks, roasts, whole, smoked and cured.
  4. King Salmon is not particularly bony, but be sure to check fish carefully for bones. If found, they pull out easily with tweezers, pliers or even fingers.
  5. Cook salmon in as large a piece as possible; larger sections stay moister. In fact, a whole dressed fish makes an elegant presentation.
  6. Select salmon with moist, shiny skin, firm flesh and a fresh aroma.
  7. Keep fresh salmon icy cold and use promptly.
  8. Ocean-run salmon contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which play a protective role against heart disease.
  9. King salmon is high in protien and has less than 200 calories per 3-ounce serving.

Mission Statement

The California Salmon Council was formed in 1989 to represent the marketing interests of the state's commercial salmon fishermen. The Council's goal is to create consumer awareness and marketplace demand for California King Salmon®

In cooperation with industry and government, the council actively pursues efforts to develop, maintain and expand domestic and international markets at profitable levels, for California King Salmon and salmon products.

Commercial Salmon Stamp

Commercial Salmon Trollers Advisory Committee

Habitat Restoration

Although rearing salmon has been the major emphasis of the Salmon Stamp Program, habitat restoration has always been an important element. In the early years, Stamp monies directly funded many projects in the field. Then, as other sources of funding for habitat improvement (such as the Bosc-Keene Renewable Resources Investment Fund and Proposition 70) became available, the emphasis of Stamp funding shifted to purchase of heavy construction equipment and facilites for DFG fish habitat improvement projects. This funding improves the ability of the DFG Fish Habitat Imporovement shops to restor habitat and to screen small agricultural water divisions, protecting juvenile salmon from the dangers of irrigation networks. Read more about the Commerical Salmon Stamp Program on their website.